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Dylan Dillinger

Parent/Teen Relationship Coaching

Dylan has a passion for helping parents connect with their teens. As a teenager he felt the need to act out despite having a roof over his head and loving parents. Dylan's coaching style will help you reconnect with what you felt as a teen in order to improve your understanding of what your child is going through. Together, Dylan and you will work to enrich your communication with your teen and ensure that the time spent with your kid is great quality time.

Business Owner Life Balance Coaching

Through 10 years in the service industry Dylan noticed that there was serious lack of healthy life balance in nearly all of the bosses, managers, and department directors that he worked for. Dylan respects their commitment and dedication to their careers but his coaching is based on challenging them to apply the same effort and discipline to their personal life and relationships. Together, Dylan and you will find ways to spend more time on yourself and the people in your life that you cherish.